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The Gentle Art of Sleeping. The SCIENCE of sleep is a complex study of chemical and biological systems. The ART of sleep is a more intuitive way to approach getting to a peaceful state of rest. In this video, psychologist and sleep coach Dr. Marcia Lindsey will share a few simple ideas to help you tune into your body and environment, so you can master the Gentle Art of Sleeping.

The Sleep-Wake Cycle: You Can’t Fool Mother Nature. In our modern era, we are nearly a 24-7 culture. It may be more convenient for everyone to be able to do things whenever they want, however Mother Nature had a plan in connecting our bodies to the light and dark cycle. Psychologist and sleep coach Dr. Marcia Lindsey explains the impact of current sleep trends on our health and well-being.

Seven common mistakes we make in trying to get to sleep. On any given night 30-70% of us don’t find it easy to fall asleep. Let sleep expert Dr. Marcia Lindsey shed some light on a few simple things you can do to boost your chances of successfully getting to sleep.

What you eat is how you sleep. We all know that proper nutrition is essential to the overall health of our body. However, you may be surprised as Dr. Marcia Lindsey, sleep coach and psychologist, explains the vital role certain nutrients play in our sleep health.

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