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Dr. Marcia Lindsey, Psy.D., CMC, ACC, sleep coach and psychologist strikes the perfect balance between research-based scientific evidence and practical information in her approach to treating sleep issues.  These are not your mother’s typical Sleep Hygiene suggestions.  She can speak on a variety of topics, including:

  • 10 Major Mistakes We Make In Trying To Get Good Sleep
  • What You Eat Is How You Sleep
  • How Do I Know If I Have A Sleep Disorder?
  • How Much Sleep Do I Really Need?
  • What To Do (And Not Do) When You Wake Up During The Night
  • Why Does Good Sleep Help Us Lose Weight?
  • Sleep Medicines and their Effects; How To Use Less of Them, or None At All and Still Get Great Sleep
  • What Happens In Midlife That Affects Our Sleep
  • How Does Our Sleep Change As We Get Older

Dr. Lindsey has appeared on several BlogTalk Radio podcasts and her articles have been distributed by the Retirement Life Matters web site.

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