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Dr. Marcia Lindsey, a psychologist and certified coach, has devoted over five years of her twenty-five year career to the study and treatment of sleep disorders, particularly  insomnia.  Dr. Lindsey understands the impact that sleep quality has upon a person’s physical health, mood, ability to deal with stress, and overall well-being.

As the negative effects of poor sleep health are plaguing an increasing number of individuals each year, Dr. Lindsey recognizes the need for clients to have access to effective treatment strategies outside of the traditional clinical setting.  She has directed her years of experience towards the creation of a new company that serves the needs of adults struggling with the challenges of insomnia.  Her expertise helps her clients to navigate the sometimes complex pathway that leads to good sleep.

The outcome is The Sleep Diva.

The company, based in Bellaire, TX, provides private consulting, group coaching, and other products and resources addressing sleep health and insomnia treatment.  Support is available in person, online, and via telephone.

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