Is Lack of Sleep Ruining Your Life?

Learn Proven Secrets to Rid Yourself of Insomnia Forever

It’s 3am and you are wide awake.  You know that you need your rest to stay healthy to do your best job at work and to take care of your family, but sleep just won’t come.  You’ve tried to relax, create a peaceful bedroom, wear ear plugs and sleep mask,  go to bed early…

Instead of sleeping,  the same questions and thoughts keep racing through your mind…

  • Will I ever get to sleep tonight?
  • Will I have the energy tomorrow am to get up and go to work? Or take care of my children?
  • Will this be another sleepless night?
  • Will I finally drop into bed exhausted only to find my eyes wide open five minutes after I get there?
  • A poor night’s sleep will interfere with anything I have to do tomorrow.

If the lack of energy after a sleepless night weren’t bad enough… you worry that lack of sleep is  bad for your health…

Quite simply, sleep is essential for survival. You spend about a third of your life asleep.  While you are asleep, your body takes the time to cleanse and regenerate. Through the sleep cycles, the body is actively producing hormones that put humans in a growth state and allow for recovery and healing of muscles and tissues. While the body is at rest, the brain restructures new neuro-networks and helps solve problems.  When you have insomnia, you are missing out on sleep’s essential brain-boosting, health-enhancing benefits.

Breaking the out of the insomnia cycle is possible … if you have the right help.

My name is Marcia Lindsey.  I’m also known as the sleep diva.  I am a psychologist who specializes in helping people like you to finally break out of the insomnia cycle and start sleeping better.

Over the past 25 year of my practice, I have heard from hundreds of clients how their sleep problems make it impossible to have the energy to “get it all done” each day.  I have also seen the relief that comes after we’ve worked to put together a plan that gets them sleeping at night again.

You see, cookie cutter approaches don’t work when treating insomnia.   Each person is different and needs a different set of interventions to finally solve their sleep problem. That’s probably why you’ve tried “everything” and nothing works, the magic combination is different for everyone.

Although everyone is different, through my new book, Insomnia Secrets, I can help you to discover the triggers to your sleep program and start sleeping better tonight.

Discover your unique path to sleeping better in my new book – Insomnia Secrets.

Your path to getting a good night’s sleep is as unique as you are. Insomnia Secrets is the product of over 25 years of creating personalized, customized plans to help people sleep better.  People come to me after they have tried all the “sleep hygiene” solutions in popular magazines, they’ve asked their doctor for help, and nothing works.  My plans are what finally gets them a good night’s sleep.

In Insomnia Secrets, I reveal the proven framework I use to successfully get people sleeping again even after other methods have failed.

Insomnia Secrets reveals:

  • An approach thoroughly researched by the Sleep Medicine community using very strict standards of success
  • Things to do and things not to do to help your sleep improve
  • Proven techniques to banish Insomnia forever by getting to the source, not just trying something that will work for a night or two
  • Proven better, safer and more desirable than sleep medicines but works also if you are taking them (so eventually you won’t need them)
  • Solutions even your doctor may not be aware of – unless he or she’s an expert in sleep medicine (which 99% aren’t)!
  • An effective plan for what to do if insomnia should return for a night or two
  • Learn how to calm the brain from worrying, exaggerating, circular thoughts that escalate on their own into a poor night’s sleep.

“What if I’ve tried everything to sleep better, why would this work?”

If you are like many of my clients, you are at the end of your rope.  You are tired and would love to get just one good night’s sleep.  Right now, you are excited about the possibility of sleeping better but also wondering why this solution will work when others haven’t.  Here are some questions, my clients frequently ask about getting treatment for their sleep disorder:

  • I’ve tried the advice in all those books and magazine articles and they don’t work, why is your plan different?

Anyone can write a book or an article about how to sleep better.  Much of the information out there is harmless but not effective.  Some of the information is downright dangerous.  The approach I recommend in Insomnia Secrets is well researched, used in the Sleep Medicine community AND has been proven to be successful.

  • My doctor says medicine is the best thing for me, but I’m worried about getting addicted to it.  He doesn’t seem to have any other ideas…

Unless your doctor specializes in sleep medicine, it is unlikely that he knows the most up to date approaches to helping people sleep better.  The approach I outline in Insomnia Secrets has been shown to be more effective than sleep medicine.  If you are already taking sleep medicine – this plan will still work for you and help you break the cycle of sleeping pill addiction.

  • I’ve made the bedroom “a haven”, gone to bed at the same time every night, and all that and still no sleep…

Making your bedroom a haven, going to bed at the same time, and limiting computer exposure before bedtime are an excellent start to sleeping better, But, sleep hygiene is only half of the equation.  Insomnia Secrets will show you what else you need to be able to sleep better.

  • I haven’t been able to sleep since I was a kid; what makes you think it can work now?

If you haven’t been sleeping well for a long time – it is even more critical that you waste no time and pick up your copy of Insomnia Secrets today! The book will help you understand why you haven’t been able to sleep well AND get to on the road to better sleep quickly!

Sleeping better doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

My private clients pay me hundreds of dollars to create an individualized sleep plan.  I’ve decided that helping people sleep better is important to me so I wanted to make my methods affordable to everyone.

Start sleeping better tonight – choose the option that works for you!

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“When I read Dr. Lindsey’s book on sleep, I immediately thought of five patients whose lives would be changed if they could apply this information.  I appreciated that she offered the physiological bases as solid reasons for working toward a routine sleep pattern, but also appreciated that she did so in a down-to-earth, almost folksy way that invited participation in changing rather than gave prescriptions.  I look forward to seeing my patients’ lives improve. ” – Dr. Robbie N. Sharp, Houston, TX

NEW BOOK: Insomnia Secrets
  • New Book: Insomnia Secrets – Only $26.95
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  • New Book: Insomnia Secrets
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  • New Book: Insomnia Secrets
  • “Listen to the Sound My Voice” Sleep CD Download
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” I have been suffering with frequent insomnia for several months now, and didn’t really identify it as insomnia until reading “Insomnia Secrets: Get a Great Night’s Sleep, Night After Night” by Marcia Lindsey, Psy.D. I recently discontinued an anti-depressant, which doubled as a sleep inducer. When I gradually tapered the medication under a doctor’s supervision, I began to have difficulty maintaining a full night’s sleep. Coupled with daily stress and many life transitions I was going through, I found myself waking up after just a few hours sleep and unable to get back to sleep on a regular basis. This began to have significant impacts on my attitude, and many times my ability to keep the energy I needed flowing normally during the work week. Even when I was off the anti-depressant for several months, the disruptive sleep patterns continued, as I began to become accustomed to them and my inability to “shut my mind off” in the middle of the night when I’d awaken — laying in bed most times for many hours until it was time to get up and begin the day’s routine.

When I looked at Marcia’s book, I was stunned to see many of the symptoms I was dealing with right in front of me ! Upon reading more thoroughly, I began to identify several patterns in my daily routine that were significantly impacting my sleep. “Insomnia Secrets” helped me recognize these patterns and address them in a proactive and informed way, allowing me to focus attention on the behavior that was impacting my ability to get a good night’s sleep. This increased awareness and Marcia’s valuable methods for helping get sleep patterns back on track and creating new, constructive nightime routines, has had a positive impact on my sleep patterns. Overall, I’ve seen significant improvement. On those night’s when I wake up with my mind buzzing and going five million miles an hour, I think about this book, and the keys to a successful night’s sleep. I’m able to now go back to sleep in a timely manner, something which had eluded me for months. Thank you Marcia! This wonderful book was one of the most inspiring jobs I’ve ever had — it helped me physically and mentally at a time when I needed it most.” – Trey X. Austin, TX

“Having devoted my practice to helping those with chronic pain, I find this book to be an invaluable tool for those suffering from sleeping problems. Dr. Lindsey’s book provides a resource that is research-based, comprehensive, and easy to understand. It is a wonderful reference guide for both medical and mental health practitioners, as well. This e-book also clearly shows the reader how emotions, such as depression can be affected by sleeping problems. I would recommend Dr. Lindsey’s book, not only to my pain patients, but anyone who is having difficulty with sleep.” – Mary Kennington, Ph.D.