Finding the Right Balance… For Sleep

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It seems so easy.  Just get into bed and go to sleep.  It seems easy, but it’s so troublesome for the majority of us. Why can’t we find the right formula for sleep, night after night?  This blog is all about finding that formula, from both a scientific and an ordinary sleeper’s point of view.  Double the questions and the equation for MIDLIFE.  There’s too much to do, too little time, so many obligations. And our bodies are undergoing the biggest change since adolescence.

Finding balance in a number of things will be the subject of this blog on getting your best night’s sleep in midlife – tonight and most every night.  A number of ingredients make up the recipe for balance and you’ll see them all examined here, but here are the main keys to balance:


Sounds easy enough doesn’t it, yet each of these areas has something important to contribute to good sleep that isn’t immediately obvious.

SIMPLIFY – Take a deep breath and ponder what routines could be done with less complication in your life; is it mental or physical clutter that has you in a whirlwind of activity, or just doing too much and thinking you have to do all those things to get through your day and then somehow drop into bed and sleep peacefully? Be all about being, not just doing;

BALANCE YOUR HORMONES – A key to midlife wellness and soothing, peaceful sleep is an understanding of how your hormones work and your options for keeping them in balance.  Learn some of that here;

BREATHE – A simple, easy, free way to activate the body’s own, natural calming down system, but it’s important to know how it works, to practice regularly and to  scan for tension to see how your efforts are paying off;

AND BE MINDFUL – Mindfulness is the most well-known and scientifically-researched way of calming both the mind and the body so we slide peacefully into sleep, and go through our day with a lowered level of tension doing our daily work with a greater sense of purpose and mastery;

EAT GENTLY   It might be going too far to say that What You Eat is How You Sleep, but this neglected aspect of sleep needs more focus as we plan for the latter part of our day, and transition from work to home in that Happy Hour without alcohol that helps us move from work to home and begin our descent into sleep;

SLEEP VERY WELL  A series of formulas for making sleep work, involving examining hormones, sleep habits, the light-dark cycle, sleep disorders, the latest research on midlife and many other sleeping well topics.

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