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How long do I have to work with a sleep coach to be cured of insomnia?

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Dear Sleep Diva,

My husband has sleep apnea and has the machine running all night to help him get enough oxygen while he’s asleep. I’ve never had much trouble sleeping, but now the noise of the machine keeps ME awake. I’ve tried ear plugs and sleeping in the guest room when I’m desperate enough, but these aren’t long-term solutions. Do you have any suggestions for the spouses of people with sleep disorders?

Sleep Apnea Spouse

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Dear Sleep Diva,

I just came back from a trip on the East Coast to go to a weekend conference and I couldn’t be more of a wreck! I live on the West Coast, and knowing my propensity for insomnia, plus the fact that my flight going there was during the night and I can hardly sleep at all on planes, I made sure I cushioned the trip with extra days so I would be well rested in time to get up early Saturday morning to start the conference. I scheduled the trip so that I would arrive 1 1/2 days before the conference started, and since the conference ended on Sunday afternoon, I booked my return flight Monday morning so that I would have a leisurely return as well.

After arriving at noon on Thursday after a sleepless red eye flight through the night, I planned to nap but couldn’t. So I stayed up thinking I would be so tired from basically 1-2 hours sleep that I would go to bed early and adjust to the new time zone. NO SUCH LUCK. I was wide awake until 4am EST, and then slept on-and-off until 3pm on Friday. I thought this would get me caught up on my sleep enough to be well-rested to go to bed at a proper time Friday night and sleep well through the weekend conference.

It turned out I was lucky to get 3 hours sleep each night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I just survived my way through the conference (luckily it was fascinating material so I stayed awake through the whole weekend) but I returned home Monday and slept about 12 hours straight and I still feel like a truck ran over me. I am SO FRUSTRATED! : (

This is no way to live – do you have any suggestions? Please tell me – what am I doing wrong??

Thank You,

Flattened in Florida

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