An Epidemic of Overwhelm: What To Do About It

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In keeping with the new revisions of the Food Pyramid that became The
Food Platter, two of the giants in the field of brain science research, Dr.
Dan Siegel and Dr. David Rock, have come up with a Food Platter for
the Mind. We live in the age of massive emotional stress, technology
and information overload, and what the authors call “an epidemic of
overwhelm”. Stresses of the current economy have added another whole
dimension to these trends. This led the authors to come up with the ideal
components for brain functioning that helps maintain and optimize our
mental health.

Little has been said about how to get to mental health because so much of
the “mental health” field has actually been focused on pathology and what’s
wrong with how we function. With the advent of the Positive Psychology
movement and the decade of the brain, we’re turning our attention to how
to get to health, rather than how to fix illness. In this vein, the authors have
taken a serious look at how we can do things within our control to optimize
what we know works well in the body.

Here are the authors’ ingredients for a healthy mind daily:

Focus Time When we closely focus on tasks in a goal-oriented way, taking
on challenges that make deep connections in the brain;

Play time When we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative, playfully
enjoying novel experiences, which helps make new connections in the

Connecting time When we connect with other people, or take time to
appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, richly activating
the brain’s relational circuitry;

Physical time When we move our bodies, aerobically if medically possible,
which strengthens the brain in many ways;

Time In When we quietly reflect internally, focusing on sensations, images,
feelings and thoughts, helping better integrate the brain;

Down Time When we are non-focused, without any specific goal, and let
our mind wander or simply relax, which helps our brain recharge;

Sleep Time When we give the brain the rest it needs to consolidate
learning and recover from the experiences of the day.

Curious? Read the full article here:

It comes as no surprise to this author that sleep makes the list of 7
essential daily activities. But what’s even more relevant is that this could
also be the list for optimal sleep. These are the components of what
creates a relaxing, peaceful sleep. Challenge yourself to positive growth by
keeping these key ingredients in mind each day as you strive for personal
balance. Here is an insightful guideline, not something each of us will
achieve every day, but something to strive for, a road map to genuine
mental health in a tired, stressed out world.

Step up. Take the challenge. Give peace a chance.

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